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PH-001 phono cable is released

Phono cable PH-001



Phono cable optimized for optical cartridges


The highest quality construction throughout


When using an MM or MC cartridge, the cold side of the phono cable serves only as a ground. In the case of optical cartridges however the cold side is used to supply power from the equalizer to the cartridge. Therefore, in such an application, the cold side of the cable is just as important as the signal carrying hot line. The PH-001 features identical materials and construction on both the hot and cold sides ensuring that the power supply is kept stable.



Complete Shielding

Optical cartridges have a relatively high impedance due in part to the photo sensors used in their design. Due to this high impedance, external noise may be picked up if an unshielded phono cable was used. The DS Audio PH-001 is completely shielded with a silver plated copper braid, thus completely illuminating any potential interference.


RCA terminals machined from pure copper

The PH-001 features RCA phono connectors machined from pure copper. The pure copper base conductor is then gold plated. Use of such high quality connectors allows even more musical detail and texture to shine through, along with a heightened sense of openness.


Silver-plated copper conductors

The PH-001 cable features silver plated pure copper conductors, each conductor is made up of 37 strands of 0.26mm diameter wire. This gives a very large overall conductor cross-sectional area of 1.964mm2.


PH-001 Specifications

RCA terminals:pure copper terminals

RCA terminal body: Aluminum

Cable Outer Diameter :

Cable material: Silver plated copper wire

Composition: φ0.26mm/37 wires

Conductor cross-sectional area:1.964㎟

Insulator material:FEP (fluoroplastic)

Shield:Mesh shield

Shield material: Silver plated copper wire

Length: 1.2m


Can be used with MM/MC cartridges without any problem.

Specifications: Din to RCA (Straight or L type) or RCA to RCA selectable