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New DS-W3 review is released by the Steophile(USA)

New DS-W3 review is released by the Stereophile.


“The DS-W3 is one of those cartridges that makes you want to dig through your records, asking yourself, “How is that one going to sound?” It has an extraordinary ability to pull new music and life out of old grooves while not imposing a character of its own on the sound. This cartridge isn’t bright or dark, warm or rich, but it can be all those things when the recording demands it. Whether optical cartridges become widespread the way Tetsuaki Aoyagi hopes is yet to be determined, but, based on how the DS-W3 sounds, I feel optimistic that more companies will embrace this reborn technology. In the meantime, the DS-W3 is enthusiastically recommended.”


You can read whole review from the below link.